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Welcome to Repossession Stopped

We are here to help if you think your house is going to be reposessed

Is your home about to be repossessed by your mortgage lender? Are you in the process of being evicted?

Do you need a Quick Sale? ? Our agency can provide matching proceedable cash buyers and those with Mortgages agreed….. This could be the answer for you so why not apply online today.

Financial Difficulties? Are you finding it difficult to clear debts? We at Repossession Stopped may have a solution for you and you could be debt free fast.

Divorce/Separation- Do you need to sell? We can help to sell and split all the assests.

Relocation or Emigration- We are here to help in anyway if your moving abroad or staying in the UK.

Sell or Rent Back- With a sell or rent back scheme this may ease your financial worries.

Ill Health- If you have poor health we can sell your property fast and easily for you to be worry free whilst you recover from your illness

Landlords- We help many investors who want to sell their buy to let properties.

Bereavement- After a death and bereavement you may not feel ready to go through with a prolonged house sale we can assist by buying your home as this would be quicker than the traditional sale of a property.

Please apply online today

The information provided is true and accurate, and that we may send the details of this application to an appropriate lender or other brokers for the purposes of providing a loan. That broker/lender may contact you for further information as required. We will not send your data to any other third party except those needed to provide the loan you have requested.

We will only hold the information you submitted in this application to have your repossession stopped for as long as required to provide your lending requirement if you let us know that don’t wish to receive further communication from us by following the instructions in any of our communications to you.

We can also help you get a bridging loan and offer the most competitive rates.

Another great source of obtaining cash quick is payday loans. Making sure you choose the right options for you is essential, we are here to help and guide you through your application, no matter what your circumstances we can help you get the cash you need quickly.

Contact us today to start the process of getting a bridging loan to eradicate the risk of repossession.